Another round of gaia headshots

Medium: Charcoal pencil + colerase blue pencil Charcoal pencil is softer than pastel pencil, but it's the closest thing I have before I get my hands on Faber Castell's pastel pencil.


First Fight Round 2

Medium: blue colerase pencil + charcoal pencil

Current score: Anita: 3. Hyde: 10


Cleveland GiveCamp

Had a great weekend at GiveCamp. LeanDog hosted the event on their boat, and when you walked in, you were greeted by these two muscular cuties:

And you get this great view when you are programming on the boat:
Some developers (including me) worked inside Burke Lakefront Airport, which had a great view of the lake, and nice small air crafts on the run way, unfortunately I didn't take any photo of those.
It was a great experience, definitely would encourage others to participate next year.


The last air bender

A few sketches for Katara, Aang, and Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender.
Medium: Pastel pencil and col-erase blue pencil

A little note about the pencils: Faber-Castell pastel pencil is the best so far. Derwent's pastel pencil kept breaking and jamming the pencil sharpener, Conte A Paris is too fat to be fed into a reuglar pencil sharpener, (not a big deal, got a knife), its texture is too coarse, felt like drawing with a burned piece of wood on concrete. Unfortunately the nearest store (Utrecht) that carries Faber Castell pastel pencil is 45 minutes away.

Also noticed FaberCastell's col-erase works great with charcoal and pastel pencil, even though it doesn't erase cleanly. Prismacolor's col-erase pencil gets erased really well, just like regular graphite, but it contains too much wax, and make it hard to go over with charcoal or pastel.


Gaia avatar head shots

Medium: Pastel pencil on recycled paper


My art buddy Dan Howard and I started a character fighting game. We would draw each of our character in fighting pose, and use a random number to determine the damage. Then next picture the characters would be drawn with the damages. Once the character's close to death, a new character will be chosen to continue the fight.

So here for first round, my character Cade, despite the fact he is a space pirate with semi-functional laser canon, was taken out with three shot.

Note: the second picture is Dan's character Anita (white pastel pencil on black pastel paper). We swap character for more drawing excitement.

Medium: pastel pencil on recycled paper