Laura - Still not done yet

Oil pastel on Ampersand Gessobord
Still need to finish all those fabrics and pillows in the background. Everytime when I get to the background part, I wonder why I didn't start with the background first, it'd be easier to determine what color to use for the figure to make it pop out better. Yet every time a new session starts, I end up drawing the figure first, wanting to make sure I get to finish the figure within the limited time we have.


Literary Cafe Friday Portrait - Travis

Medium: Watercolor




Saturday life drawing progress

Was trying a more bold color underpainting.
Medium: Oil pastel on Ampersand gessobord.

Friday Portrait Sketch - Phil


Literary Cafe Friday Portrait Drawing: Chia

Watercolor on Pastel Paper. Duration: 2-2.5 hrs


Laura WIP

Oil pastel on Ampersand Gessobord duration: 4 hours


2010 Literary Cafe sketches

Every Friday night, there's a group of artists at Literary cafe doing portrait drawings for whoever volunteer to model that night.
Each drawing session is 3 hours with breaks. The drawings done on black paper are white pastel pencils on black pastel paper. The other two are oil pastels on toned pastel paper.
Most of these drawings were taken using a camera in the bar, thus the blur. The drawings were given away to the models after each sitting.


Gaia Headshots