Medium: Watercolor on toned pastel paper
Duration: 3 figure drawing sessions, 3 hour each.
Should never put regular drawing next to an oil pastel drawing. The oil can sip through and leave a stain.


Museum Sketches

It's always a good way to learn forms by drawing without lines, and I don't do it enough. Finally get to have some practice today at the art museum with their sculptures.
p.s. wish I can find a better waterbrushes. I have Pentel and Niji waterbrush. The Pentel one works good for the first 30 minute or even an hour, but then it dries up, and when I squeeze the water reservoir, too much water starts flowing and won't stop for awhile, then it's good for a minute before dries up again. Niji is consistent with the water flow, except it's too much all the time. Should bring a small container of water to dip the brush next time, it may help. Of course it kind of defy the purpose of having a waterbrush with reservoir. :(


Gaia Headshots


December's Figure Drawing

Duration: 2 figure drawing sessions, 3 hour each session
Medium: Watercolor on Canson pastel paper


Random quick sketch