New world

It was a typical Monday inside the concrete jungle. Accountants busily punching in numbers, newly grads nervously waiting in line for an interview, and somewhere, a boss yelling at an intern for taking an extra five on lunch break.
In the mist of everyone's day to day routine, suddenly, the earth below them shook, and a huge piece of the ground broke from the park where it once resides, and slowly rose into the sky. Some people curse at this unexpected phenomenon for causing traffic, while others look up in awe. This floating new world is unlike anything they've seen. The rocks and earth formed a yin-yang shaped island as it rises into the sky. Wind carves a huge black rock into a statue of Buddha. Sparkling water flows out under the statue and fills the whole land. A dogwood, unlike the carefully trimmed trees in the city parks and roof tops, grows tall and wild. Its snow white petals flows with the wind and turns into clouds. While gazing at this new world, a sense of peace and happiness fills everyone's heart, something they couldn't achieve with their rank nor the material goods they work so hard to possess. This wonderful sensation lift them up into the air, and for the first time, they experienced the joy of a fish swimming in the sky.

The city represents the ideal life people were told to live in, a concrete jungle filled with hard working people, who sacrifice their dreams and even lives to get to certain positions and to make money. The trees on roof tops (may be a little hard to see) are straight and well trimmed, just like how the most parents expect their kids to be. 

The floating zen garden is opposite of the city. Buddha statue signify inner peace instead of busy chaotic city lives, spiritual powers instead of material wealth. Dogwood tree is one of the favorite among traditional Chinese artists and poets, for it blooms bravely in the winter, amid the snow and cold. It's wild and bold, opposite of the trimmed trees. (The idea of dogwood blossom turning into clouds was inspired by a photo I saw on reddit.) In Chinese folklore, the koi fish will turn into dragon if it can swim against the current leap above the dragon gate (a huge waterfall in yellow river). It signify the seemingly impossible freedom one can gain by boldly leap out of the norm.  




New world wip (zen garden)


The new world wip update (city)



The new world WIP (city)

Duration: many many hours.


New desk

The studio design futura craft station just arrived. After 2 hours of putting things together, a beautiful drafting table now occupy the little art space. A 36" tube lighting (not part of the desk) was duct taped under the desk, and make it a slightly dim lightly table. I guess I can always go back to home depot and get another tube light.


Friday night portrait